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Nowadays, the hope of having beautiful eyelashes has brought so many modern ladies to the eyelash extension service. Instead of spending hours for eye makeup every day, it is much more convenient for them to apply lash extensions which take only about 2 hours, and those eyelashes could be used in weeks. However, there are some tips you should notice if you want to make your eyelash extensions last for more than a month.

1. Keeping your face clean, especially the eye area

Girls who had lash extensions applied tend to scare of washing their face because they’re afraid of messing their extensions up, but the truth is it is the facial oil that makes the extensions weak. They actually stay longer when you gently cleaning them every day. Just rub a drop of water on them with your fingers to keep them clean and pretty.

2. Having vitamin supplement

Good vitamins such as A, D and E keep your eyes healthy. They also make the skin under the eyelids firm and become a strong foundation for the extensions to stay longer.

3. Using eyelash brush

In order to keep the lash extensions dense and long always, you should use the eyelash brush. Comb your lashes gently every day and you will find it even prettier than the first applied.

It is not so hard to apply these 3 ways at home. Just take good care of your eyes and you will have a great experience with lash extensions.

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