thick eyelashes

Natural thick eyelashes will no longer be a dream if you know how to keep good habits

Eyelash is actually a sensitive part of our face, but we usually don’t pay enough attention to take care of our eyelashes. Our eyelashes will easily become weak and fall out of our eyes if we don’t take good care of them. On the contrary, if we do take good care of the eyelashes, they will grow quickly and we will have thick eyelashes.

If you have to touch your eyes, do it gently!

As mentioned before, eyelash is a sensitive part. That’s why eyelashes may fall out if we touch it too hard. Be gentle with your eyelashes so that they stay strong and grow thick.

Comb your eyelash regularly

This is one of the good habits for pretty eyelashes. Buy a clean mascara and spend time combing those lashes every night to strengthen them.

Use makeup remover

If you have a tendency of using make up every day, let’s start to remember to use makeup remover when you come back home.  Some ingredients in some makeup stuff are not so good for your health, especially for your eyes. If you don’t use makeup remover, they will affect your eyelashes gradually and soon the lashes will lose their thickness.

Lastly, if you want to have pretty eyelashes, first let them be healthy. Keep them strong by good habits, will you?

thick eyelashes

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