curly eyelashes

Easily owning charming and curly eyelashes like Japanese idols with these tips!

What do you usually think of when someone mentions Japan? A modern world for idols with so many “hits” (good songs) which are popular in Asia? A beautiful Japan with sakura blooming across the country? Or are you thinking of a country which is known as one of the leaders of Asia in the beauty industry? The Japanese girls are always famous for their innocent beauty with big eyes and curly eyelashes. Actually, if you know some beauty tips, you can also have beautiful eyes like them. Let’s find out!

curly eyelashes

Using mascara

Using mascara or eyelash curl is one of those simple ways to have curly eyelashes. The eyelash curl is very popular among the beauty lovers. This tool helps you to have beautiful eyelashes in a short time. However, using the eyelash curl every day will cause negative effects to your eyelashes. If your eyelashes are not strong enough, they will fall out gradually.

A lot of girls complaint about how eye makeup takes their time. Mascara and eyelash curl may be good solutions for curly eyelashes, yet they are absolutely not the best ones.

Applying eyelash extensions

Applying eyelash extensions may be another good way for pretty eyes. Normally, it only takes 1 or 2 hours for a treatment, yet the extensions can stay for at least 4 or 5 weeks. Isn’t it the most effective way?

Because applying eyelash extensions means using a special glue to stick those extensions to your real eyelashes, it may hurt your eyes if you can’t find a trusted salon. Therefore, the treatment has to be done by experts who have enough experiences to make sure that your eyes are safe.

Procare Vietnam takes pride in being one of the most trusted salons for eyelash extensions from Japan. Before deciding to take the treatment or not, you will be adviced by our Japanese experts who have been working in this industry for years. With the technology from our mother company in Japan (the extensions are applied 1.5mm from your real eyelashes’ roots), we promise to bring to you the best and the safest experience. You will have pretty eyes with curly eyelashes like Japanese idols.

People always mention Japan on talking about Asia beauty, and when talking about curly long eyelashes, they remember Procare Vietnam.

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